Welcome to Ninja!

Trusted Partner for your Trading Business

About Ninja

Ninja is a one-stop solution for all your trades, payments, and financing needs. A unique platform for traders that makes business easy, fast and simple.

Why choose Ninja?

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Manage Your Trades Easily
  • Record and share your trades
  • Send payment reminders
  • Track your vehicle
Automatic Reconciliation
  • Error-free Bank Account to Order Reconciliation
  • Pocket Accountant
  • Order-wise Payment Reconciliation
Secure Pay and Collect
  • Send & Receive Payments at zero cost
  • No daily payment limits
  • 100% secure and fast
Easy and Quick Loans!
  • Avail Overdraft
  • Borrow Working Capital
  • Cashbacks on Average Monthly Balance

Who is it for?

  • Get fast and seamless money transfers directly to your bank account
  • Easy money transfer to any number of farmers
  • Send payment reminders over SMS, WhatsApp
  • Track your inventory
  • Keep track of your logistics
  • Collection requests- Payment reminder and payment collection
  • Reconciliation of your orders
  • Make payments for the purchases for wholesalers